Our Mission


The Street Food Institute (SFI) is an entrepreneur-focused culinary program dedicated to inspiring the success of small, local businesses in New Mexico. SFI supports the development of small business by growing the state’s local food economy and developing strong future business leaders. SFI trains its emerging business leaders to employ sustainable business practices that support local farmers, entrepreneurs, and families.

SFI believes that food has an amazing capacity to connect people. SFI is part of an evolving food culture that seeks to provide increased choices of nourishing and affordable food that are not only tasty, but also build community.

SFI’s purpose is:

  • To become a sustainable and effective catalyst for local economic revitalization in underserved areas; To increase access to nourishing and affordable local food by training entrepreneurs to provide it in smaller community-based venues such as trucks, carts and public gathering places;
  • To reduce some of the barriers to starting a food-related business for aspiring food entrepreneurs; and
  • To support the development of public food hubs that serve community members of all income levels.

SFI works with young adults and emerging culinary students and practitioners to develop the business and technical skills to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

SFI students begin with hands-on training at SFI Food Trucks, where they learn how to make delicious and healthy food using sustainable business practices. Students are then encouraged to employ their skills in the community to innovate their own small businesses that provide more choices for nourishing, affordable local food.

By raising the bar for street food, developing local culinarians, and building a robust and active community around local food, SFI seeks to make New Mexico a culinary destination.