SFI CNM Program

saladThe first phase of The Street Food Institute curriculum was developed in partnership with the Central New Mexico Community College (CNM). CNM has an outstanding culinary program and state of the art facilities for training future chefs.

Working in partnership with CNM, SFI will supplement classroom training with real-world business experience in venues across the city and county. The program is designed to be a first of its kind, and a world-class culinary entrepreneurship program. SFI is likely the only program in the country offering this kind of hands-on, micro-business experience for culinary entrepreneurs. The partnership gives CNM students access to SFI Food Trucks and faculty, and gives SFI access to some of the state’s most talented culinary students and the CNM’s world-class new culinary arts facility.

The Curriculum

The Street Food Institute features an intensive and rigorous curriculum:

tacoPHASE 1

Hands-on training at the Street Food Institute-run food truck where students, overseen by Institute faculty, gain direct experience in multiple aspects of working as a street food vendor, including kitchen prep, procurement, cooking, marketing, and customer service. Students also receive entrepreneurial coursework, specifically aimed to help refine individual business plans and menus.


Advanced hands-on experience at the Street Food Hub, where select students implement their own menus and run individual food trucks or stalls. Students are involved in all aspects of running the food truck or stall while finalizing their business plans and menus.

Graduates leave the Street Food Institute with:

  • A working individualized business plan and menu
  • Strong culinary skills in creation and preparation of street food
  • Experience in operating a food cart or food stall
  • Familiarity with local and state safety and permitting requirements
  • A certificate of completion from the Street Food Institute