Study Abroad

SFI Abroad allows students to participate in an immersion-learning experience designed to broaden their culinary knowledge and skills. Students study the cuisines, foods and skills of street food vendors in other countries. They spend afternoons with celebrated culinary experts in their country of study, learning to cook the classic dishes of the region.

The students spend their evenings experiencing first-hand the renowned street food culture.

“I really believe the value of this trip was immeasurable for these students,” CNM Chef and Culinary Arts faculty member Scott Clapp said. “Most of them had limited travel experience, especially outside our country, so they were so excited throughout the entire trip. They got the opportunity to cook many of the classic dishes of the region, they got to experience both the current and ancient Oaxacan culture, and they all improved their Spanish. And I think they got to build friendships that will last a lifetime.